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What Does Your Nightstand Say About You?

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Clean or cluttered? Your choice of stuff kept at your bedside offers a glimpse into your personality.

Your bedroom should be a sanctuary, a plce where you can slip away from the world and find a peaceful night’s sleep. No matter where your nightstand is kept in your bedroom, keep it free of clutter and only let your essential items be on it. A clutter of things next to your bed will result in a cluttered mind that can’t get rest.

5 Nightstand Must Haves for a More Restful Night:

(1) A Lamp – Try not to use the lamp for reading into the wee hours of the night. The more you preserve your bed as a designated sleeping area, the better your rest will be. Use a low-wattage light bulb to minimize the light on your sleep.
(2) Toiletries – Hand lotion, lip balm, and any medications you may need during the night will allow you access to these items without having to make a trek to the bathroom. Using smaller travel size items of toiletries use up even less top of the nightstand space.
(3) Small dish or tray – A small dish or tray can catch the loose items you take off at bedtime such as jewelry or glasses. Putting your glasses in the same place every night assures you can find them quickly if needed.
(4) Reading material – Keeping a few pieces of reading material handy is helpful for those restless nights. It is better to read tradtional old school material like paper backs, books, or magazines rather than an e-reader. The e-reader’s blue light may cause even more disruption to your sleep cycle.
(5) A flashlight – Keeping a flashlight in your nightstand drawer is handy in case of a power outage during the night.

Some additional necessary items might include an alarm clock, tissues, and a glass of water.
It is not necessarily a good idea to keep your phone next to your bed. There is research that supports the disruptive effects of electronics on sleep quality.

Why Buy a Best Home Furnishings Lift Chair?

Best Home Furnishings UpLifting Comfort Series offers over 25 different lift chair styles and more than 700 covers. Their lift chairs fit so well into your decor, most people won’t know it is a power lift recliner – until you press a button and put it into action.

The UpLifting Comfort Series lift recliners are designed with quality at their core and comfort in mind. Best Home Furnishings lift chairs are very durable and offer the kind of relaxation that comes with perfecting the art of comfortable seating. Lift chairs are available in petite, medium, robust and large sizes which makes it easy to find the lift recliner that’s perfect for your size and space.

For impressive strength and stretch, the UpLifing Comfort Series also includes the Body Rest and the Beast models. The Body Rest includes a lay-flat feature and the Beast reclines to nearly 7 feet. Both also include the following features:

* Dual Motors – one for the back and another for lifting and kick out movements.
* Coil Spring Seating in Beast Models.
* Added seat springs in Body Rest recliners.
* The Beast supports with an exclusive heavy duty 7 gauge mechanism for the heavier person
* Both contain a higher-resiliency foam

Every chair in the UpLifting Comfort Series has the same Best Home Furnishings construction standards:

* Kiln-dried hardwood frame parts ensure a sturdy foundation.
* Joints are doweled, screwed, glued, stapled and corner blocked to ensure added strength.
* A durable steel base and cross supports offer unmatched strength.
* High stress points are reinforced with deep penetrating truss plates.
* Heat-tempered springs offer durability and squeak free movement.
* A space saver reclining function lets you recline without losing space.
* A removable back takes the hassle out of transportation and handling.
* Several models feature an independent power tilt headrest.

For more information about the Best UpLifting Comfort Series visit

Leather Furniture Care and Maintenance

This blog has been taken from England Furniture’s website. “England Furniture Care and Maintenance.” Dated December 20, 2011 Author England Furniture


Some Facts about Leather Furniture:

Leather furniture often has the reputation of being costly and difficult to maintain. However, there are some facts that dispute this reputation. When you are looking into purchasing new leather furniture for your home, here are some things you may want to keep in mind before making your final decision.

– Leather is not as costly as you may think. Although leather can make you feel like you have a bigger budget than you actually do, depending on the retailer, it can be somewhat affordable. Conduct thorough research and look into different furniture retailers before you completely rule out the option of purchasing leather furniture.

– Leather furniture is an investment. With proper maintenance a quality piece of leather furniture can last a lifetime! Leather is made from natural materials and, as opposed to fabric furniture – it can gain character as it ages. Even if you are interested in purchasing leather furniture that may be a little out of your price range, think of how long a piece of fabric furniture lasts compared to leather furniture. Although you may be spending a little more money than you may have expected to pay now, it could result in you spending less money on replacement furniture in the future.

– Leather is not extremely difficult to maintain. If you keep your leather furniture clean, and apply a leather conditioner 2 – 3 times a year, you can keep your leather furniture looking as good as new for years. If you do have a minor spill or accident simply take a dry, lint free cloth and wipe it clean. Daily maintenance for leather could include such items as dusting or using a vacuum. Try to avoid harsh cleaners that are not approved to use on leather.

– There are leather alternatives available for those who want the look and feel of leather furniture but are worried that genuine leather furniture could not be properly maintained. Protected leather is more durable and is resistant to damage that could be caused by cats, dogs, or children. It can often be easier to clean than real leather. However this option does not have the same aging character as genuine leather furniture so it could be costly to replace in the future.

Leather furniture has a somewhat intimidating reputation of being a luxury item that is expensive and difficult to maintain. However, before you disregard the purchase of leather furniture discover all the facts by exploring one of England Furniture’s websites.

Tips for Creating a Sleep Friendly Dorm Room

This article is taken from Sleep Savvy Magazine (Posted by Jasmine Wood on August 22, 2017)

While college life can be a wonderful and exciting new adventure, it does come with its share of challenges. Academic, financial, personal, and social stressors on top of a new environment and a hectic schedule mandate students’ vigilance in putting their physical and emotional health first and foremost.

Unfortunately, irregular sleep schedules can lead to inadequate sleep and daytime sleepiness, which plaque many college students and put them at greater risk for the many consequences of sleep deprivation, including;

Impaired immune systems
Increased obesity risk
Inability to focus
Decreased motivation
Poor mood, irritability
Accidents and injuries
Increased risk of academic failure
Substance abuse
Risk taking behaviors
Poor judgment

One of the fundamental requirements for a successful college experience is sufficient sleep. For teenagers through age 17 that is in the eight to ten hour range per night, while younger adults age 18 and older require seven to nine hours of sleep per night. Adherence to these guidelines is critical as adequate sleep is essential for optimal functioning and general well-being.

Adhering to a consistent bedtime routine, avoiding all nighters, powering down electronics at least 30 minutes before bedtime, and even setting a bedtime alarm to avoid bedtime procrastination are some helpful sleep strategies to employ. For optimizing your sleep environment, consider the following:

1. SLEEP SURFACE. If you have a dorm room issued mattress that looks like it has seen better days, you may want to consider a new one. If replacing the mattress is not an option, consider investing in a mattress topper. It may be just the thing to make a dorm issued mattress “sleepable.” Mattress toppers are available in a variety of materials ranging from latex to memory foam to wool, and can easily provide an extra layer of support and added comfort.
2. A BED FOR YOUR HEAD. A comfortable pillow that suits your preferred sleeping position is essential. Pillows should be slightly thinner for back and stomach sleepers or slightly thicker for side sleepers. Although we don’t advocate studying in bed, sometimes cramped living quarters necessitate that your bed becomes a study zone-in which case, a larger pillow or a back rest can help keep you comfortable in a sitting position.
3. SHEETS. Depending on the climate and draftiness of the dorm room, colder climates may call for some cozy flannel sheets, while warmer climates may warrant those that wick away moisture.
4. NOISE. You need peace and quiet for sleeping and studying, and sometimes dorms can be the last place where you find peace and quiet. Noise cancelling headphones can help. Earplugs should always be within arm’s reach, and white noise machines can be quite effective in drowning out unwanted noise. An extra throw rug or two will also absorb sound and help keep noise levels down.
5. LIGHT. Sleep masks are an easy way to make your sleep environment as dark as possible to help ensure your best sleep. They are great for midday napping, and they also come in handy when your roommate has different sleep and wake times than you. Blackout curtains or shades will help keep that morning light out when it is not quite time for class. If curtains are provided, some chip clips can help close the gaps that let in light when you are trying to get that all-important sleep.
6. SCENT. Some lavender may be just the thing to relax you and help you drift off to sleep. A 2006 study involving 42 female college students found that lavender aromatherapy had a beneficial effect on insomnia and depression, while a small study published in 2012 found nighttime exposure to lavender relieved sleepiness upon awakening.
7. TEMPERATURE. A fan can help keep the room cool as well as provide some white noise, while an extra blanket or two can come in handy if your roommate prefers a colder sleep environment.
8. DO NOT DISTURB. We’re talking sleep here- but don’t hesitate to hang a Do-Not-Disturb sign.
9. BED PLACEMENT. To reduce noise as much as possible, place beds as far from the front and bathroom doors.
10. QUIET REMINDERS. Consider hallway signage that politely reminds 2 AM partygoers that dorm residents are sleeping. Sometimes a friendly reminder will help keep the noise down when other students are trying to get the sleep they need.

It’s great for everyone to respect the need for sleep-in yourself and in others. Showing your roommate and hall mates consideration when they are trying to get some shut-eye may cause them to pay back the kindness.

Consistently getting sufficient sleep is critical for learning, for focus, for helping you cope with stress, for a healthy weight-for your physical and emotional health-and for optimal cognitive functioning. Getting the best sleep possible will go far in helping you make the most of your college experience.


Customers are often confused about the different mattress sizes available.  Here is a quick reference guide to determine the size you have now and if you could upgrade to a bigger size set.  A mattress that is too small can be uncomfortable to sleep on night after night.

Please note that these sizes are industry standards.  Sizes are approximate and might vary +/- 1/2 inch.

Twin – 38 x 74.5  Most commonly used in children’s beds and bunk beds.

Twin Extra Long – 38 x 79.5 Any twin adjustable would use a twin extra long mattress.  This size is most common in college dorms.

Full (also called Double) 53 x 74.5

Queen 60 x 79.5

King 76 x 79.5  A king set is always two twin extra long foundations.  The top mattress can be one standard king mattress or two twin extra long mattresses.

California King 72 x 83.5

Hope this helps you with making your next mattress purchase a comfortable one!



Mohawk Smart Strand – Forever Clean

Information in this blog has been taken from Mohawk’s SmartStrand Forever Clean Brochure.

Now introducing SmartStrand Forever Clean, the first carpet to combine built-in stain protection with a nanotechnology spill shield.  Using the most advanced fiber innovation, SmartStrand Forever Clean carpets offer the highest level of beauty, comfort and performance available.

  • The perfect carpet for families with pets and kids.
  • New Nanoloc spill protection technology for quick and easy cleanup
  • The only carpet with permanent built-in stain and soil protection that won’t wear or wash off
  • Exceptional durability that preserves the style, beauty and appearance of your carpet
  • Luxurious softness that you can sink your toes into
  • A breakthrough technology in renewable and sustainable carpet fiber to preserve the beauty of our planet

Proprietary carpet protection system:  The best way to avoid stains altogether is to keep dirt and spills from settling into the carpet and becoming a stain.  SmartStrand Forever Clean features Nanoloc, an advanced nanotechnology that completely encapsulates the SmartStrand fiber to create a superior spill and soil barrier.

Up to 3x easier to clean:  SmartStrand Forever Clean simply does not hold onto dirt.  Through independent vacuum testing, SmartStrand Forever Clean has been shown to release up to 3X more dirt than other carpets.  That means you can breathe easy knowing that your floor cleans faster, better and easier than ordinary carpets.

Permanent built-in stain protection:  SmartStrand Forever Clean is the only carpet with lifetime stain resistance built into the core of the fiber.  Other carpets use temporary, topical protections that wash and wear off over time, which makes the carpet difficult to clean.

The truth about stain protection:  SmartStrand Forever Clean is the ONLY carpet that contains permanent, built-in stain and soil protection that never washes or wears off.

SmartStrand Forever Clean with built-in protection:  SmartStrand Forever Clean uses a completely different stain protection system that’s built into the fiber’s core.  This means SmartStrand Forever Clean never loses its stain resistance and is the easiest carpet to clean time after time.

Live life worry free:  Whether it’s kids, pets or one of life’s unexpected spills, with SmartStrand Forever Clean you can live life without worrying about your carpet.

Durability in the fiber’s DNA:  Carpet adds beautiful warmth and comfort to a room like no other floor covering.  SmartStrand Forever Clean lets you enjoy this comfort with long-lasting peace of mind.

Entirely new category of luxury soft carpet:  One of the unique attributes of carpet is its natural softness, but not all carpets are sink-your-toes-in soft.  If you’re looking for a super soft carpet, SmartStrand Silk Forever Clean will exceed your expectations.  Achieving the soft, luxurious feel of SmartStrand Silk Forever Clean requires a new yarn with 3X the amount of fiber found in ordinary soft nylon carpets.

The next generation of sustainable carpet:  SmartStrand Forever Clean is made in part with annually renewable plant-based materials that minimize our usage of limited natural resources.  This also enables us to reduce our energy consumption in the manufacturing of all SmartStrand Forever Clean carpets.  It’s good to know you can have the beauty, softness and durability you desire in a carpet without compromising the beautiful earth around us.

A 65 year quest results in the ultimate carpet:  Throughout the years, the industry has strived to achieve a carpet that is both long-lasting and stain-resistant.  New SmartStrand Forever Clean is now the toughest, easiest to clean carpet on the planet.





Information is from the LaZBoy Recliner Collection Spring and Summer 2016 Brochure

Only LaZBoy recliners give you all of these exclusive features.

The most reclining positions.  Back and leg rest work together or operate independently for 18 optimum levels of comfort.

Total body and lumbar support.  Provides complete support to the entire body in all positions… even while reclining.

Secure 3 position locking footrest.  Offers a choice of comfort that locks in place for safety and support.

Patented LaZBoy mechanism.  Allows the seat and back to move together for natural reclining movement.

Adjustable reclining tension.  Personalize the effort needed to ease into a reclining position based on individual body type.

Strongest frame construction.  Patented 4 sided unibody frame design that’s quality engineered for lasting durability.

When it comes to choices in recliners – LaZBoy’s the answer!

Rocker recliners – Rock your socks off!  Rock and recline with total body and lumbar support at all times.  Three position locking leg rest offers long-lasting support.  Patented LaZBoy mechanism for the smoothest reclining motion.

Wall recliners – Get close to the wall!  Full reclining comfort with space saving convenience.  Adjustable settings to customize your reclining comfort.  Exclusively engineered for the smoothest reclining movement.

Power recliners – Turn on the power!  Power controlled reclining to any position for personalized comfort.  Effortlessly go from upright to fully reclined in just six seconds.  Quiet and stable base for smooth reclining operation.

Glider recliners – Swivel and glide!  Smooth, level gliding motion perfect for watching TV.  Standard 360 degree base takes comfort full circle.  Exclusive base designed for superior stability and support.

Lift chairs – Give yourself a lift!  Power assisted control to sit, stand or recline smoothly and easily.  Available with soothing heat and an optional massage feature.  Easy-to-use hand-held control for simple operation.

Designer’s Choice – Style meets comfort!  Great looking styles with hidden reclining comfort.  Choices of distinctive high leg and low profile designs.  Available in fashionable fabrics and top grain leathers.




LaZBoy’s New iClean Performance Fabrics

This information has been taken from LaZBoy’s tear sheet about their iClean fabric.

Spills happen but stains do not have to!  LaZBoy offers a high-performance fabric called iClean which is perfect for homes with children, pets and everyday life.   This iClean fabric is available on most LaZBoy styles so you can feel comfortable with your furniture.   You can protect your furniture from life’s everyday mishaps such as coffee, wine, salsa, dirt and chocolate syrup.



This innovative technology surrounds each fiber to repel spills before they become stains.


For most spills, simply blot with a paper towel;  for tougher spills, use a mild soap and water mixture.


iClean fabrics have a luxurious feel with exceptional comfort and are available in a wide selection of colors and patterns.


The iClean fabrics are quality backed and stay looking and feeling great, so you can relax knowing you’re covered.


Liquid spills:  Blot fabric surface immediately with a cloth or towel.  Use a soap/water mixture to clean stained area in a circular motion.  Use a clean, damp cloth to remove any soap residue;  do not saturate.   Pat with a dry towel or allow to air dry.

Non-liquid spills:  Gently lift spilled material with a damp cloth or butter knife.  Use the above instructions, cleaning in a circular motion.


Understanding Memory Foam Mattresses

Memory foam mattresses may or may not be a good fit for you and your sleep needs.  Let’s take a look at memory foam and what it can and cannot do for you.

Memory foam was developed in 1966 by NASA.  It was called “slow spring back foam” at first because it was the first foam that retained the shape of the object that had applied the pressure to it.  It later became known as ‘temper foam” because of its temperature sensitive qualities — a warm object can create more of an impression and create a cocoon effect around the object.  Memory foam was first used to improve pilot safety in event of a crash but the medical industry soon started using it in mattress pads to help with bed sores in immobile patients.  By the end of the 1980’s the foam was starting to appear in many products including sports equipment.  In 1991, a Swedish foam manufacturer started to use it in their mattresses.  This Swedish foam manufacturer later became known as Tempur-Pedic.  These new mattresses were not well received at first but in just over 20 years, the company has become one of the largest bedding manufacturers in the world.

Making memory foam is a complex procedure.  It all starts with polyurethane foam (viscoelastic) and depending on the chemicals added, can be used for anything from car parts to mattresses.  Gases are added to the procedure to make a mattress.  The gases make the foam bubble which creates a more open cell structure.  By controlling the sizes of the bubbles, manufacturers can create mattresses with varying degrees of firmness.

Memory foam has become popular in mattresses because it is energy absorbent and very responsive to heat.  The mattresses conform to your shape and support your body weight.  For people who have chronic pain, memory foam mattresses can be very beneficial.  It’s responsiveness to heat can make it feel warmer than a traditional innerspring mattress.  Memory foam mattresses also have little to no motion transfer which is especially nice for couples.

Many people feel that the temperature and weight sensitivities of memory foam mattresses  deliver extraordinary comfort and relieve the body of stress and strain during sleep.  Memory foam may be a good choice for your new mattress if:

  • You suffer from chronic pain that feels better with heat
  • You struggle to find a comfortable sleep position on a regular basis
  • Your partner disturbs your sleep by moving
  • You can’t sleep because you are cold

Memory foam may not be a good choice for you if:

  • You sleep warm
  • Prefer a buoyant sleep surface rather than one that cocoons
  • Have disliked memory foam in other products you have used

You might want to consider a hybrid mattress which is a combination of traditional innerspring and memory foam.  Most of the memory foams used are gel infused which allows you to customize your sleep experience.

The Serta iComfort Memory Foam and hybrid mattresses have a 180 day sleep trial.  If you purchase one of the qualifying sleep trial mattresses and decided you made the wrong selection, you can reselect within 180 days.

The Tempur-pedic Memory Foam mattresses have a 90 days sleep trial subject to Tempur-pedic’s sleep trial policy.


When Should You Buy a Lift Chair?

Making the decision that you or a loved one needs a lift chair is never easy.  Most of the time the person needing the lift chair is reluctant to admit to needing or wanting one.  Here are some tips and ideas that you may want to consider:

Primary Purpose:

The primary purpose of a lift chair is to help someone stand up and get out of the chair.  Lift chairs can also help someone to find a comfortable position to sit or lay but the primary use is to lift someone to a standing or semi standing position so they can get out of the chair.

Power Recliners

If you or your loved one can get in and out of a chair with ease but cannot operate the reclining mechanism or get comfortable in a normal recliner, a power recliner would be a good alternative to a lift chair.  A power recliner also operates electronically and you can control the movement of the footrest and back portion of the recliner.

Ask Your Doctor or Care Provider

It is easy for a person to become dependent on the assistance offered by a lift mechanism.  Key muscles in the legs, hips and lower back will no longer be used to get up and out of the chair.  It is important for your family doctor or care provider to be involved in the decision to purchase a lift chair.

Choosing Your Chair

Lift chairs are available in a variety of sizes from small petite to larger styles.  They have an easy to use hand held control for simple operation.  Some models are available with soothing heat and massage.