When Should You Buy a Lift Chair?

Making the decision that you or a loved one needs a lift chair is never easy.  Most of the time the person needing the lift chair is reluctant to admit to needing or wanting one.  Here are some tips and ideas that you may want to consider:

Primary Purpose:

The primary purpose of a lift chair is to help someone stand up and get out of the chair.  Lift chairs can also help someone to find a comfortable position to sit or lay but the primary use is to lift someone to a standing or semi standing position so they can get out of the chair.

Power Recliners

If you or your loved one can get in and out of a chair with ease but cannot operate the reclining mechanism or get comfortable in a normal recliner, a power recliner would be a good alternative to a lift chair.  A power recliner also operates electronically and you can control the movement of the footrest and back portion of the recliner.

Ask Your Doctor or Care Provider

It is easy for a person to become dependent on the assistance offered by a lift mechanism.  Key muscles in the legs, hips and lower back will no longer be used to get up and out of the chair.  It is important for your family doctor or care provider to be involved in the decision to purchase a lift chair.

Choosing Your Chair

Lift chairs are available in a variety of sizes from small petite to larger styles.  They have an easy to use hand held control for simple operation.  Some models are available with soothing heat and massage.

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