Customers are often confused about the different mattress sizes available.  Here is a quick reference guide to determine the size you have now and if you could upgrade to a bigger size set.  A mattress that is too small can be uncomfortable to sleep on night after night.

Please note that these sizes are industry standards.  Sizes are approximate and might vary +/- 1/2 inch.

Twin – 38 x 74.5  Most commonly used in children’s beds and bunk beds.

Twin Extra Long – 38 x 79.5 Any twin adjustable would use a twin extra long mattress.  This size is most common in college dorms.

Full (also called Double) 53 x 74.5

Queen 60 x 79.5

King 76 x 79.5  A king set is always two twin extra long foundations.  The top mattress can be one standard king mattress or two twin extra long mattresses.

California King 72 x 83.5

Hope this helps you with making your next mattress purchase a comfortable one!



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