Leather Furniture Care and Maintenance

This blog has been taken from England Furniture’s website. “England Furniture Care and Maintenance.” Dated December 20, 2011 Author England Furniture


Some Facts about Leather Furniture:

Leather furniture often has the reputation of being costly and difficult to maintain. However, there are some facts that dispute this reputation. When you are looking into purchasing new leather furniture for your home, here are some things you may want to keep in mind before making your final decision.

– Leather is not as costly as you may think. Although leather can make you feel like you have a bigger budget than you actually do, depending on the retailer, it can be somewhat affordable. Conduct thorough research and look into different furniture retailers before you completely rule out the option of purchasing leather furniture.

– Leather furniture is an investment. With proper maintenance a quality piece of leather furniture can last a lifetime! Leather is made from natural materials and, as opposed to fabric furniture – it can gain character as it ages. Even if you are interested in purchasing leather furniture that may be a little out of your price range, think of how long a piece of fabric furniture lasts compared to leather furniture. Although you may be spending a little more money than you may have expected to pay now, it could result in you spending less money on replacement furniture in the future.

– Leather is not extremely difficult to maintain. If you keep your leather furniture clean, and apply a leather conditioner 2 – 3 times a year, you can keep your leather furniture looking as good as new for years. If you do have a minor spill or accident simply take a dry, lint free cloth and wipe it clean. Daily maintenance for leather could include such items as dusting or using a vacuum. Try to avoid harsh cleaners that are not approved to use on leather.

– There are leather alternatives available for those who want the look and feel of leather furniture but are worried that genuine leather furniture could not be properly maintained. Protected leather is more durable and is resistant to damage that could be caused by cats, dogs, or children. It can often be easier to clean than real leather. However this option does not have the same aging character as genuine leather furniture so it could be costly to replace in the future.

Leather furniture has a somewhat intimidating reputation of being a luxury item that is expensive and difficult to maintain. However, before you disregard the purchase of leather furniture discover all the facts by exploring one of England Furniture’s websites.

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