A lot of customers are interested in sectionals.  Sectionals are great but they can quickly fill up a room and also do not allow a lot of furniture rearranging.

You will need to figure out if a sectional will fit in your space.  The average starting size of a sectional is 8 feet by 8 feet.  Measure out your space and see if this will block any doors or allow you to have an end table at either end.  If you would like to expand either way, simply add 2 feet for each additional seat you would like to add.  Keep in mind most people like to sit at an arms length away from the person seated next to them.  This would affect how many people you can sit on the sectional comfortably.  Take a look at how close together your family sits now and use that as your gauge for the sectional.

Think about where your tv is in the room and this will influence how you will use your sectional.  You may need more seats facing the tv.  You will need to decide if you want tables on each end of your sectional with perhaps a light source on each.  Tables and lights still provide function and can complement the sectional.  It all depends on your lifestyle and how you plan to utilize the room.

There are several popular sectional options:

(1)   Reclining – Both ends can recline and, depending on how many seats you have, some of the armless seats can be reclining.  You will need to assure that when one person has their recliner in use, it does not interfere with another reclining piece on the sectional.  Reclining sectionals give people a chance to put their feet up comfortably.   They work best when the reclining seats face directly towards the tv.

(2)   Console – These are pieces that can be added between any number of seats to provide storage, drink holders or a place to rest your arms.  Consoles also work best when facing the tv.

(3)  Curved Wedge – These are the pieces that make the turn and allow an extra seat.  The curved wedge usually takes up an extra 2 feet more space than a square corner wedge.

(4)  Stationary – Can provide flexibility and offers a variety of options.  Most people find it more comfortable to stretch out and lay down on a stationary piece of furniture.  You can also mix in a bench or large ottoman in front of the sectional.

(4)   Chaise –   Chaises are a great option for either end of your sectional.  They can be used on both stationary and reclining sectional ends.  Chaises allow people to stretch their legs out without having to put up the footrest.  Chaises should be positioned facing the tv to get the most use out of them.

(5)  Snuggler –   Some sectionals come with a wedge shaped end called a snuggler.  It is ideal for anyone who likes to curl up while reading or watching tv.

We can custom order your sectional to fit your room.  Stop and see us at Wilson’s and we can show you the many fabrics and choices available to you and your family. 

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