What Does Your Nightstand Say About You?

This blog was originally published on Restonic.com and www.wolffurniture.com. Clean or cluttered? Your choice of stuff kept at your bedside offers a glimpse into your personality. Your bedroom should be a sanctuary, a plce where you can slip away from the world and find a peaceful night’s sleep. No matter where your nightstand is kept […]

Why Buy a Best Home Furnishings Lift Chair?

Best Home Furnishings UpLifting Comfort Series offers over 25 different lift chair styles and more than 700 covers. Their lift chairs fit so well into your decor, most people won’t know it is a power lift recliner – until you press a button and put it into action. The UpLifting Comfort Series lift recliners are […]

Leather Furniture Care and Maintenance

This blog has been taken from England Furniture’s website. “England Furniture Care and Maintenance.” Dated December 20, 2011 Author England Furniture FACTS ABOUT LEATHER FURNITURE Some Facts about Leather Furniture: Leather furniture often has the reputation of being costly and difficult to maintain. However, there are some facts that dispute this reputation. When you are […]

Tips for Creating a Sleep Friendly Dorm Room

This article is taken from Sleep Savvy Magazine (Posted by Jasmine Wood on August 22, 2017) While college life can be a wonderful and exciting new adventure, it does come with its share of challenges. Academic, financial, personal, and social stressors on top of a new environment and a hectic schedule mandate students’ vigilance in […]


Customers are often confused about the different mattress sizes available.  Here is a quick reference guide to determine the size you have now and if you could upgrade to a bigger size set.  A mattress that is too small can be uncomfortable to sleep on night after night. Please note that these sizes are industry […]

Mohawk Smart Strand – Forever Clean

Information in this blog has been taken from Mohawk’s SmartStrand Forever Clean Brochure. Now introducing SmartStrand Forever Clean, the first carpet to combine built-in stain protection with a nanotechnology spill shield.  Using the most advanced fiber innovation, SmartStrand Forever Clean carpets offer the highest level of beauty, comfort and performance available. The perfect carpet for […]


Information is from the LaZBoy Recliner Collection Spring and Summer 2016 Brochure Only LaZBoy recliners give you all of these exclusive features. The most reclining positions.  Back and leg rest work together or operate independently for 18 optimum levels of comfort. Total body and lumbar support.  Provides complete support to the entire body in all […]

LaZBoy’s New iClean Performance Fabrics

This information has been taken from LaZBoy’s tear sheet about their iClean fabric. Spills happen but stains do not have to!  LaZBoy offers a high-performance fabric called iClean which is perfect for homes with children, pets and everyday life.   This iClean fabric is available on most LaZBoy styles so you can feel comfortable with your furniture.  […]

Understanding Memory Foam Mattresses

Memory foam mattresses may or may not be a good fit for you and your sleep needs.  Let’s take a look at memory foam and what it can and cannot do for you. Memory foam was developed in 1966 by NASA.  It was called “slow spring back foam” at first because it was the first foam […]

When Should You Buy a Lift Chair?

Making the decision that you or a loved one needs a lift chair is never easy.  Most of the time the person needing the lift chair is reluctant to admit to needing or wanting one.  Here are some tips and ideas that you may want to consider: Primary Purpose: The primary purpose of a lift […]